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Recent legislative changes to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) effective 1 April 2022 means there are new options available to you as a securityholder as to how you elect to receive your communications.  LCM will no longer send physical meeting documents to you unless you request a copy to be mailed.

We encourage you to provide an email address so that we can communicate with you electronically when shareholder notices become available online, for items such as meeting documents, dividend statements and annual reports. You can make a standing election or an ad hoc request to receive, or not to receive, some or all of your securityholder communications in physical or electronic form.

To review or update your current communications preference, please update your details via our Share Registry’s website.

Annual General Meeting – 11 October 2023

Dividend Currency Election Form for Holders on the Guernsey Register

Issuer Sponsored Holding and Remove Requests



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