Pro bono / ESG

With a growing focus on Environmental and Social practices, our business is contributing towards positive social outcomes, while promoting strong corporate governance.

We provide funding for a number of social and environmental matters which aim to deliver justice and financial compensation to parties adversely affected by unjust or unlawful activities.


LCM adopts the Quoted Companies Alliance Code (‘QCA Code’) which applies a principles-based approach to good Corporate Governance. LCM has an independent Chairman and Board who are responsible for ensuring we operate ethically and transparently. LCM’s business continues to evolve, and we aim to strengthen and develop our governance framework to ensure it is relevant to the business as it grows. Strong corporate governance is crucial to the success of our business, and we remain committed to developing our ESG framework to promote environmental sustainability.


The nature of our business is to help facilitate claimants in achieving justice.

Further, the bulk of the claims that we invest in within the insolvency sector, as well as a number of our funded commercial and group claims, pursue recourse for claims arising out of failures in governance practices. In facilitating the pursuit of such claims, we not only assist our clients, but also contribute to the strength of governance regulations and structures within the relevant jurisdictions.

Our portfolio also includes a number of matters which we are funding in an effort to bring justice to claimants who have suffered both financial loss and environmental damage, including:

Gladstone Ports Class Action
A class action brought on behalf of the Queensland fishing industry for loss and damage caused by environmental damage resulting from the dredging of the Gladstone port.

PFAS Contamination Class Action
A class action brought on behalf of Australian landowners who assert that they have suffered diminution in the value of their land as the result of contamination with chemicals used on nearby defence bases.


Covid Fines Claim
The Redfern Legal Centre acted for two applicants in the case against the New South Wales Government in Australia, seeking cancellation of Covid-19 fines issued by the Police to local residents. LCM provided an adverse cost indemnity to applicants in the case on a pro bono basis. The Redfern Legal Centre successfully argued the fines did not provide enough detail of the alleged offences, and the two winning test cases mean that more than 33,000 Covid fines will now be withdrawn.


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