Funding Criteria

We will look for the following key factors:

    • Recoverability. There must be a clear line to recovery for the claim in that it must be demonstrated that the defendant or respondent has the capacity to meet a judgment of the size which is being sought.
    • Proportionality. There must be proportionality between the size of the claim and the funding commitment sought.
    • Prospects and clear legal principles. The claim must have reasonable prospects of success and be based on clear legal principles (as opposed to novel points of law).
    • Written evidence. The claim should be supported by factual and legal analysis based on documentary evidence rather than oral testimony of witnesses and experts.
    • Experienced legal team. The claimant must be represented by a highly competent and experienced legal team, with the relevant expertise to pursue the claim.
Apply for funding

Susanna Taylor, Head of Investments – APAC, covers our Funding Criteria in more detail.



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