Why Invest?

Litigation Capital Management (‘LCM’) is a leading provider of disputes financing and ancillary services, enabling clients to pursue and recover funds from legal claims. Since 1998 LCM has provided disputes financing and was one of the first professional litigation financiers in Australia.

Delivering sustainable long-term growth and shareholder value through:

  • Strong and innovative origination of investment opportunities.
  • Consistent and disciplined due diligence and risk management.
  • Sufficient and alternative capital to facilitate growth.
  • Unparalleled track record, driven by effective project selection.
  • Sustainable long-term growth through strategic innovation and evolution.
  • Uncorrelated Returns: The performance of our investments are unaffected by external factors such as economic cycles.
  • Countercyclical: Dispute levels rise during periods of instability.
  • Asset Management Model: Allowing us to scale the business and enhance returns for underlying shareholders through our Funds Management Model.


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