Gladstone Ports Corporation Class Action

LCM is funding a class action on behalf of commercial fishermen against Gladstone Ports Corporation for losses alleged to result from the large-scale contamination of the Gladstone harbour and surrounding waters from toxic dredge spill in 2011-12.

This class action is being brought in the Supreme Court of Queensland and is being conducted by Clyde & Co for the plaintiffs. The class action is open to all persons who suffered loss and damage as the result of the decline in the quality of saleable fish in the Affected Waters (as defined in the Statement of Claim) as the result of the dredging of the Gladstone port.

The Supreme Court of Queensland recently found LCM’s litigation funding agreement to be enforceable in the face of a challenge to it by the defendant based on the torts of maintenance and champerty.

The parties are currently engaging in disclosure and the preparation of evidence. It is anticipated that the class action will be heard in early 2021.

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